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New Poll Shows Rep. Cotham’s Constituents Feel Betrayed By Switch to GOP

There is now data showing voters believe North Carolina state Rep. Tricia Cotham abandoned her principles and betrayed her House District 112 constituents by joining the Republican Party.

A Public Policy Polling (PPP) poll commissioned by progressive organizations Action NC and Progress North Carolina Action shows that voters in Cotham’s Mecklenburg County district strongly disapprove of her decision to leave the Democratic Party just months after being elected on a platform of protecting abortion rights, gun reform, health care as a right and supporting LGBTQ+ rights.

According to PPP, 59% of District 112 voters agree with the statement that “Cotham’s decision to switch parties is a betrayal to voters.”

“Like many in the Charlotte area, we were surprised to see Representative Tricia Cotham switch parties from Democrat to Republican just a few months after her election. With her party switch, we no longer know where Rep. Cotham stands on many critical issues,” explained Robert Dawkins, Political Director at Action NC.

In addition, 55% of voters say they are now less likely to vote for Cotham in 2024 – including 55% of independents.

PPP also asked voters to choose between Cotham and a generic Democratic candidate in a hypothetical matchup. Cotham lost by 24 points (56-32). The poll showed that 56% of voters plan to vote for a Democrat in the next state House race.

In more bad news for Cotham, her approval rating is now seriously underwater following her switch, according to PPP. Polling shows her with a favorability rating of -22% (26% favorable to 48% unfavorable). That margin actually increases to -27% (23%-50%) when looking at just independent voters.

This poll makes it very clear that Cotham does not represent a swing district and she does not represent North Carolinians who are divided on the direction in which they want to see their state and country move.

House District 112 voters are angry and feeling betrayed. Cotham has lost the trust of her constituents and of people across the state.


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