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Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Quietly Deleted Facebook Post Calling School Shooting Victim a ‘Crisis Actor’ – But He Won’t Apologize

Source: American Independent

In a rare move, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has gone back and deleted a comment from 2018 when he accused Parkland, Florida, school shooting survivor and gun safety advocate David Hogg of being a paid actor, The American Independent reported – but don’t expect an apology.

Seventeen people – 14 students and 3 faculty – were killed in the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Dating back decades, conspiracy theorists have claimed that many mass shooting victims are actually “crisis actors” and accuse survivors of being part of an effort to create these events to serve their political goals.

Robinson’s attack on Hogg and the survivors of the school shooting came on Feb. 27, 2018, less than two weeks after the mass shooting.

On Feb. 26, 2018, Robinson posted a picture of Hogg’s appearance on MSNBC with his name Photoshopped to read “Media Hogg,” along with nine crying laughing emoji.

One of the people who commented on his post said, “Nope. A paid actor who graduated in California several years ago.”

In his now-deleted reply, Robinson answered: “Yep. Hence the name I gave him,” followed by more laughing emojis.

The very next day, Robinson again targeted Hogg, as well as other survivors, on Facebook.

In his post, he wrote:

“Let me see if I have this correct. A spoiled, angry, disobedient CHILD shot and killed 17 of his classmates, and now spoiled, angry, know it all CHILDREN are trying to tell law abiding ADULTS that we must give up our Constitutional RIGHT to own certain weapons. Cue Rod Serling because this must be an episode of the Twilight Zone? David Hogg and the rest of these silly little immature ‘media prosti-tots’ need to grab a passy, have seat [sic] in time out, and shut up.”

Robinson spent a considerable amount of time in 2018 attacking the Parkland victims and survivors.

Although Robinson deleted his comment agreeing with a conspiracy theorist that Hogg was a crisis actor, the post it appeared on is still live on his page more than five years later.

The American Independent reached out to Robinson’s spokespeople for comment but did not receive a response.

Robinson did release a response to CNN’s coverage of his past social media posts, though:

“These coordinated attacks from the elitist politicians like Biden and Stein with activist ‘journalists’ in the media are just the beginning. … They want to destroy me because they don’t think normal people should be elected to the highest office. They think that should be reserved for the elite who sit in ivory towers, judging everyone else while sticking their noses up at the world.”

Robinson either doesn’t understand the irony of his complaint – he spends most of his time judging and attacking people while sitting in one of the seats of power in Raleigh – or he’s being intentionally obtuse. It’s genuinely difficult to know which one it is.

Either way, one thing we know for sure is that despite deleting his comment, Robinson has yet to apologize or issue any retractions for any of his social media posts or speeches he’s given – and that really tells you what kind of man he is.


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