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Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Uses Photo of Speech at Pro-Bidenomics Company to Attack Biden, AG Josh Stein

Source: American Independent

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s 2024 gubernatorial campaign team has been able to prevent Robinson from showing up and stumbling through primary debates, but they weren’t able to prevent him from using a pro-Bidenomics company to try and attack the president and Democrats, the American Independent reported.

On Sept. 26, Robinson tweeted an attack on President Joe Biden’s economic policies, falsely claiming they were to blame for the high cost of consumer goods. Unfortunately, the photo he used with his tweet showed him speaking to a group of workers in Lincolnton at LeeBoy, an asphalt paving equipment manufacturer and strong advocate for Biden’s 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

His post tied Biden and Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein, his likely governor’s race opponent, to “rising prices across the board caused by Bidenomics.” 

His post went on to say that “North Carolinians deserve a leader who’s been in those tough spots, not another elitist politician who will be a mouthpiece for the failed Biden/Stein agenda.”

Robinson failed to mention that those “tough spots” he’s been in were entirely preventable and completely his fault. Even some Republicans are attacking him over his history of financial ineptitude.

One of his primary opponents, ex-U.S. Rep. Mark Walker, has been attacking him for his financial issues, including the recent discovery that Robinson and his family were evicted from their Greensboro rental home in 2012 after they failed to pay their rent to the man who owned the home, and who at the time was caring for his dying wife. More than a decade later, the lieutenant governor still owes his landlord around $2,000 for the rent he never paid.

Robinson, like many Americans, has had financial issues in the past. According to WRAL, he has criminal convictions for writing bad checks, and multiple bankruptcies and liens for tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes, car payments, and rent. Several of those debts have been paid, but not all of them.

Robinson’s April 2022 appearance at LeeBoy was hosted by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) as part of their “I Make America” national lobbying campaign.

Both LeeBoy and AEM supported Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure package, which included $550 billion in new investments in transportation, water systems, electrical grid and broadband infrastructure. Nearly $8 billion of that funding over five years will go to the Tar Heel state for highways and bridges, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Almost $1 billion will go to improving the state’s public transportation systems.

According to the American Independent, in 2021 LeeBoy repeatedly used its Facebook feed to encourage people to go to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ website to take action in support of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

In a November 2022 press release on its website, AEM said: “In a year fraught with many triumphs and challenges, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has given the equipment manufacturing industry (and countless other industries) many reasons to celebrate. AEM was a leading advocate in getting this critically important bill across the finish line, and we are continuing to work with the White House and other leaders to implement the bill. AEM has been a key player in the development and implementation of the infrastructure law.”

Despite his attacks on Democrats, infrastructure and Bidenomics, Robinson still likes to claim that he supports infrastructure investments.

“Robust infrastructure is the backbone of economic growth,” he tweeted on July 23. “Let’s invest in our state’s future with quality infrastructure, from rural broadband access to safe and wide roadways.”

Robinson’s spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment from the American Independent.


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