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New Ad From Planned Parenthood Highlights Anti-Abortion Candidate Mark Cavaliero

Planned Parenthood Votes South Atlantic has released a new video highlighting the dangers of electing Mark Cavaliero, Republican candidate for NC Senate District 17 in Wake County. 

The ad features a medical provider who warns that if given the chance, “anti-abortion politicians like Mark Cavaliero will ban abortion if they regain a supermajority.”

The News & Observer referred to Cavaliero as an “anti-abortion candidate” and Cavaliero said that every abortion is “a tragedy.” Cavaliero also supports defunding the state’s largest abortion provider. 

Abortion remains legal in North Carolina up to the 20th week of pregnancy. Gov. Roy Cooper (D) has vetoed several pieces of anti-abortion legislation in recent years and said he will “hold the line to protect women’s reproductive freedom.” 

However, if Republicans gain two additional seats in the state Senate and three more seats in the state House, they would have the power to override the Governor’s veto and fast-track their anti-abortion agenda. Republican leaders have announced their intention to pass abortion restrictions in 2023, potentially banning abortion as early as six weeks, before most women even know that they are pregnant. 

Cavaliero is running against Senator Sydney Batch, an ardent supporter of reproductive rights. Senator Batch has gained recognition for her commitment to defeating anti-abortion measures put forward in the legislature, even when she faced significant health challenges.

Abortion is on the ballot in North Carolina and Mark Cavaliero’s position is clear.


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