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Personal Abortion Stories Taking Center Stage In Midterm Elections

Source: 19th News

Since the overturning of Roe v Wade, much of the conversation around the upcoming November election has been focused on abortion access and personal freedom. For months, Democratic politicians, advocacy organizations, and activists have brought attention to the devastating toll this has taken on women’s healthcare across the country. 

So it’s not unexpected that the content of the political ads we’ve all been bombarded with mimics those same conversations. Democratic candidates across several states have focused their campaign ads on pro-choice positions and abortion access, but some of the most powerful ads have been centered around real women telling their personal abortion stories, according to The 19th News.

One such ad came from Democratic candidate Wiley Nickel who’s running in the highly competitive race for North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District. The ad was an attack on Nickel’s opponent Bo Hines, for his firm anti-abortion stance. Hines has said that “abortion should be made illegal throughout the United States. No exceptions.”

The ad features a woman named Betty who recounts receiving a dangerous illegal abortion on a dining room table prior to Roe v Wade. 

“It nearly killed me,” she says. “Now, Hines wants to outlaw abortion again. “Bo? Hell no.”

If Bo Hines and other Republicans win in November, stories like Betty’s will no longer be something you see in a political ad – they’ll go back to being a part of everyday life for women and girls. Because whether or not Republicans like Bo Hines want to acknowledge it, the truth is that any ban on abortion is simply a ban on safe abortions. 

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