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Priorities Of NC Republicans Are Made Clear In Their Latest Attacks

In the past year, Republicans across the country have made it clear that their priorities lay with the interests of the party rather than their constituents. 

In North Carolina, state Republicans have mirrored their national counterparts in prompting a campaign against reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ youth, and educators, among many other communities. These blatant attacks pushed forth by extremist state Republicans have resulted in discriminatory measures targeted at North Carolinians’ rights. 

The latest comes through state Republicans’ attempt to strip away reproductive freedoms and ban access to abortion. 

For years, state Republicans have proposed intentionally inflammatory anti-abortion bills, with the most egregious coming from state Republican Larry Pittman who filed an anti-abortion bill that called for “deadly force” in response to abortions.

Yet, thanks to Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto power and Attorney General Josh Stein’s firm stance on protecting North Carolinians’ rights, abortion remains safe and legal within the state. 

But reproductive rights, among dozens of other laws, could change if Republicans win a majority in the legislature this fall. 

State Republicans have already proclaimed their stance against abortion rights and LGBTQ+ rights, while refusing to pass much-needed measures such as Medicaid expansion, fully funding public schools and many others.

This past year alone, Republicans across the state and nation have underscored their clear intentions by voting against our freedoms, rights and ability to thrive.

Their track record includes:

This November, the future of our rights is on the line with pivotal elections for the US Senate, NC Supreme Court, and the state legislature.

As witnessed in Kansas, voters have the power to protect ourselves, our communities and create the future we want our children to have. 

In November, we can ensure that extremist Republicans are held accountable for their incompetency and discriminatory actions, and reject their efforts to strip away our freedoms.


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