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The Arc of Greensboro: Building Connection in Community for Those With Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

Since 1953, the Arc of Greensboro has been connecting those with intellectual and developmental disabilities with their greater community. This member-based nonprofit works hard to showcase and educate the public on why those who have disabilities deserve to be treated with respect. In addition, this organization works tirelessly to show that those with disabilities have something extraordinary to offer the world around them.

Recently, the Arc of Greensboro was featured in Fox 8 to uplift the Trunk and Treat event that took place around Halloween. This event was not just for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities to celebrate the holiday but for the community to join them in the fun.

Current employee Jamie Rauschkolb told Fox 8, “Our people are often marginalized and isolated, so to provide a place where not only they can come but we can invite the community in is tremendously important.”

In addition to hosting community events, the organization assists adults with disabilities in finding employment and navigating the challenges they may face once they get hired. 

Executive Director Lindy Garnette told Fox 8, “We serve a lot of folks that once they finish school, they don’t have a lot of options, historically there haven’t been a lot of options. So we’re here again, to provide a community for folks, and also not only to provide for the folks that we directly serve but to help the wider community understand why it’s important to be inclusive and to have folks with disabilities out with everybody else, doing what everybody else is doing, and it’s good for all of us when we see different kinds of folks doing things where people realize, our folks go out and have a good time like everybody else.”

In response to the growing need for options after high school for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the arcBARKS Dog Treat Company was founded in 2011. All the bakers at arcBARKS have disabilities. If you are interested in purchasing any of the all-natural dog treats, visit their website. They ship all around the United States.

If you would like to know more about the Arc of Greensboro and would like to volunteer or be a member, visit their website at Or if you would like to attend their next community event, the Arc of Greensboro is hosting a Holiday Party on Dec. 15 at 6 p.m. at 28 Battleground Court in Greensboro. Please RSVP to Maddie at if you plan to attend.


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