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NC Senate Leader Phil Berger Endorses Mark Robinson for Governor?

Source: WRAL

In a recent interview with WRAL, NC Senate Leader Phil Berger grimly followed yet another empty promise regarding Medicaid expansion, comparing Congress’ ongoing January 6 hearings to “fictional readings” and an endorsement of Lt. Governor Mark Robinson.

Berger was interviewed by WRAL about the recently ended state legislative session, and what voters can expect if Republicans win a supermajority this November – specifically, as WRAL pointed out, “That would allow them to pass laws over Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes”.

Beyond the importance of the upcoming midterm elections – which are extremely important this year – WRAL reported that Berger “likened Congress’ ongoing Jan. 6 hearings to ‘fictional readings,'” which is particularly odd, considering that so far, many of the witnesses that have testified in front of the committee have been Republicans. 

Also striking was the fact that Berger said Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, who is most widely known for his anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-Semitic comments, would make a great governor. 

Most recently Robinson has been in the news for his comments about keeping AR-15s “in case the government gets too big for its britches” as well as his comments about how “we are called to be led by men” and not women.  

It’s expected that Robinson will be running for governor in 2024, which makes Phil Berger’s endorsement all the more important. North Carolina does not need a governor that spouts hateful rhetoric at every opportunity and it’s concerning that our state Senate Leader seems to think we do. 

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